Jeff Yock

 Jeff with daughter Alyssa, they both love their stripes.

Jeff Yock or "pinoy", as his Ohana call him, started his officiating career as a flank official in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994. For 13 years Jeff enjoyed working high school and small college football as a deep official. In 2007 he was hired by the Mountain West Conference as a Side Judge and his big break came in 2011 when he was recognized as one of the best deep officials in the country and was aksed to join the officiating staff of the Pac-12. He has worked several post-season bowl assignments and is the Northern California Pac-12 scrimmage coordinator for the Stanford and Cal Berkeley football programs.

In real life Jeff is a fire captain for the Daly City Fire Department and has been saving lives for 34 years. He has two daughters and on his numours trips to the islands has learned to love the "aloha" spirit.


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